Local Arts Links

Mas Cencerro is a local African drum/dance collective that pops up regularly and in great spots and events in the area. If you want to experience some great djembe and dundun music or cool traditional dance, check them out.

The Goatworks is a local African drum shop owned by Chris Kennedy, who also promotes local drum workshops etc. You can buy pretty much any west African musical gear here.

African Dance for Everyone is a seasonal drop-in dance workshop led by Amy Marshall on Friday evenings from September to the end of May. Energetic, energizing and a lot of fun, it’s a perfect way to make the important transition from the workweek to the weekend. After 14 amazing years, African Dance for Everyone closed for good in December 2016. The last session was an incredible energy-filled evening and we hope the good will and talent pops up again in Halifax in some other form on a regular basis.

Dendê Do Recife is Halifax’s capoeira group. Founded in 2005 by Mestre Azeitona, Mestre Fabinho Cuencas, and Professora Paula, the group is now lead by the super-talented Mestre Ross Burns (also of Gypsophilia and more!).

The Halifax Music Coop