10012764_755417984482724_590026294_oSamba Nova is Halifax’s Brazilian style samba batucada band! We’re a registered not-for-profit society operating as a community musical group. The band’s membership ranges from 20-30 people depending on the season and we perform annually at various parades, festivals, events and benefits and paid gigs. Some of our pieces are very traditional and others blend new rhythms with the older ones. With the addition of Celtic style fiddle, occasionally Newfie ugly sticks and other shenanigans it’s a sound totally unique to the area.

Pssssttt…. not a big secret here… you can join! We welcome new band members whether experienced musicians or aspiring musicians or people who have always wanted to try. We’re very accessible and open and patient. If you’re reading this and wondering about it, how about coming for a visit!

The band was founded in 1989 by the late Matthieu Keijser and has thrived since he left us in 2006, for four years under the excellent leadership of Carlos Pessoa, and now with a shared musical leadership of Ian Taylor and Alex Nunes

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

Browse the site, follow us on Facebook, check our Twitter feed, search for us on Youtube, send an email, look for us around the city or come to an open workshop and play samba with us!

Samba Nova at Nocturne 2012

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Tuesday night practice. Yeah we were listening to Ian explain a new part. This is between the thunder.

Wake up, my beauties...!

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The view from the surdo line!

Pa ru pa pa pum.... pum pum pum....

Samba Nova updated their cover photo.

Hi all! A few band updates: Djembe: Our drumming friend Chris Kennedy is hosting another in his djembe class series with master Ivory Coast drummer Amara Kante on November 26 & 27. The Sunday session includes a dance class. Very high energy stuff! It's 50 bones per session. Samba Nova is such a bargain. Check with Chris for registration chris@thegoatworks.com OR 902 454-6970. Hoodies: The black hoodies are in so if you've ordered one check with John on Tuesday - please have $35. It needs to be recorded in the green book so please make sure that between you and John that is taken care of before you leave. Long Sleeve T-shirts: We have a number of the beautiful long-sleeve T-shirts in various sizes available and would like to sell them all. No guarantee your size will be available so the sooner you get one the better! These are a deal at $15. This should also be recorded in the green book. Music: Have a listen to Aline Morales and her band Nunca Antes from Toronto for a different take on Maracatu. Nunca Antes' entire repertoire is based on this amazing rhythm. See if you can hear our version within the slower and more languid version that Nunca Antes plays. It's quite a mind-bending exercise. This is seriously groovy music. Aline is so talented! There are three main types of maracatu: maracatu de nação (nation-style maracatu), maracatu cearense (maracatu from Ceará), and maracatu rural (rural-style maracatu). We play the lesser known but equally spiritual maracatu-de-how's-she-goin'-bye? (https://vimeo.com/43373879) If you notice disruptions in our website (sambanova.org) don't fret as we are migrating it from one host to another. And finally: regular open practice on Tuesday, November 22 at 6:00pm at Saint Matthews Church - arrive at 5:45 if possible. New people are welcome to come listen or try your hand at playing.

Samba Nova updated their cover photo.