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Member tips and general information:

The number one member tip is to listen to the pieces outside of Tuesday practice sessions. Many of the members know the pieces inside-out, and that 1.5 hour weekly session is not the time to struggle with calls and rhythms. Tuesday practice is the time to refine technique, to get tighter and to learn new material.

Try to incorporate the samba pieces into your week by listening on your device or tapping beats on a table. Try to exercise your hands and wrists with something that feels like a mallet or tam beater. Build some muscle memory. Try to be warmed up mentally and physically before you start at 6pm.

Search for samba related media on the web. Look up Samba Bateria, Escola de Samba, Samba enredo and search for your particular instrument. Consider buying your own gear so you have it at home to take to parties and events. Owning your stuff makes it all feel different. Michael de Miranda has some amazing samba batucada videos!

If you need some personal help just ask one of the leaders or check in with your experienced bandmates before or after practice. Think of Tuesday more like a rehearsal instead of a practice, and outside that time is your personal practice time.

Musical questions and direction are handled by Ian Tayor and Alex Nunes.  They set the musical agenda for Samba Nova. Don’t be shy about asking for help. They will gladly take the time to help anyone with any questions at all.

Ian is the senior mestre of Samba Nova

Alex is the second mestre of Samba Nova

Talk to the more experienced players if you want to practice one-on-one outside of regular rehearsal time. The church is open at 6:00 or 6:15 pm almost every Tuesday and that’s the time to come and grab a tam or surdo and spend some time figuring out a beat you might be having trouble with. Ask a samba pal to join you.

How is the band structured?

There are two parts to Samba Nova: 1) The registered society that runs the business side and 2) the band itself. If you are reading this you are likely a member of the Samba Nova band. Many of you are also members of the Society. The society votes annually to elect a Board of Directors as required under the Societies Act. We file a financial statement and follow the few rules they have. Band members are invited to join the society if they attend at least 10 weekly practices in a calendar year. That’s all there is to it. We have 5 Society directors:

  • Molly Strickland
  • David Lee
  • Daniel Arantes
  • Judith Forget
  • Massiel Gajardo

The band leaders are mestre Ian Taylor and mestre Alex Nunes.

Click here for additional detail on the society and the band structure.


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